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A Fun, Non Judgemental Community Of Members, Where You Feel Welcome And Looked After

Fully Coached Sessions

Knowledgeable, experienced coaches that know how to progress you in the right way for you 

Inclusive Supportive Community

Non judgemental coaches and members that help you along the way

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make New Friends

More than just a workout, a community of like minded people

Your Pathway To Transform Your Body and Take Back Control of Your Fitness

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We will talk through your specific needs

Come and meet us

We will show you the gym and how the sessions work so you know what to expect

Do the 30 Day Kickstart

4 full weeks with us individually coached at your own pace

Feel amazing

At the end of the kickstart everyone tells us they feel great and actually enjoy coming into the gym

To discover how we can help you get your fitness and motivation levels back click on the button to speak to one of our team members

How Preston Locals are Losing Weight and Getting Fit With Thrive Personal Training Gym

Lauren/ 31/ Leyland/ ECommerce Merchandiser

Lauren lost 15kg and got her confidence back

I’d had a baby, lockdown, and hadn’t been looking after myself and mentally I was feeling pretty stressed. I had put on a lot of weight.

I wouldn’t look at any pictures of myself and my self confidence was low. I just didn’t feel like myself, and I wanted that back.

I had a friend that had trained at Thrive, so I felt good about coming in.

Coming to Thrive just represented getting out and doing something for me and that was the most important bit to get me started.

Now I have lost 15kgs over 5 months, I never used to be able to do a single push-up and now I can do 6.

The social side of the gym helps, because you get to meet similar people in the sessions. I started to feel more like myself and have a laugh.

There is a great atmosphere and you naturally get more out of yourself in comparison to being by yourself.

I feel healthier, more like myself, I feel more confident, I’ve made new friends that I see outside of they gym as well as in it.

Rob/ 35 / Bamber Bridge / IT

Rob Lost 5 stone of fat whilst maintaining muscle mass

“I was generally feeling unhealthy, even though I had convinced myself I didn’t need to do anything

Eventually it catches up to you and you need to make a change

It took me a good few months to get myself in the right place mentally to do it.

I was a bit nervous trying something new, as I had never joined a PT Gym before, it took me all of 10 minutes to feel comfortable when I arrived.

Now after 8 months I have lost 32kg of fat (5 stone) of body fat whilst maintaining my muscle mass

When I started I had lower back pain, now I can deadlift 140kg from just starting of with a 15k empty barbell.

The coaches are great at getting the movements right when you first start and then adding in the small details as you progress.

You just have to give the kickstart a go.”

Janet/ 62/ Leyland/ Retired

Janet can now move pain free and feels confident exercising

I had problems with my foot ligaments and my knees before I started at Thrive. I really couldn’t do anything, but I needed to get fitter.

I had tried the NHS and a private physio, but hadn’t made any progress.

I saw a social media post about the kickstart and decided to give it a go.

I hadn’t been to a gym for a long time so I was nervous before I came in but the introduction session was fine and I instantly met people who made me feel at ease in the session.

During the kickstart I felt like everything was being adjusted to suit me but without being made to stand out, I felt included.

Its good fun, you work, and everybody is really supportive.

Now I can do a full sit to stand with no foot or knee problems, and I am still progressing.

I know feel that I have the confidence and strength to go and try all different kinds of exercise sessions.

The coaches know how to give you a target in the session that is just the right stretch for you as an individual.”

“It’s a really supportive environment, and you will be accepted whatever level you start at without being looked down on.”

To discover how we can help you get your fitness and motivation levels back click on the button to speak to one of our team members

Thrive Can Help You

At Thrive Personal Training Gym we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be the healthiest version of yourself. In order to be that way, you need to create healthy habits to help you lose weight and get fit. The challenge is normal gyms don't create the supportive and positive environment to progress and do things properly, which makes you feel intimidated, demotivated and overwhelmed.

We believe  transforming your health and fitness is as simple as getting into the right exercise environment.

We understand you may have tried and failed in the past, or feel intimidated about using a gym. That’s why our program is designed to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want

Here’s  how it works

Schedule a call with us, we will talk to you and tailor the training program to you, come in and we will show you how it all works before getting you started on your 30 day kickstart. So schedule a call now, so you can stop procrastinating on your health and fitness  and start feeling fit and fantastic in just 30 days from now. In just 30 days from now you will thank yourself for it.

Features + Benefits

Your 30 Day Kickstart
A fully inclusive membership experience with our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable coaches.

Fully Coached Sessions.
12 Coaching Sessions.

This is not a one size fits all approach.
Instead you'll be coached through a challenging, enjoyable program that is specifically designed to help you reach you personal goals.

Dedicated Support
Personal Coach
One of our expert team will be watching you in every training session. They will be on hand in every session to make sure you stay on track.

Progress Tracking
Body Composition Analysis
We'll take some key measurements so we can see where you're at, plan your training and nutrition program and keep track of your progress.

Flexible Dieting
Nutrition Coaching
Build a stronger, leaner and more defined body without having to go on a strict diet.

Body & Confidence Transformation
Guaranteed Results
If you take action, stick to the program and don't get results we'll give you all of your money back.
We are that confident in what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the training sessions?

We have training sessions on the hour from 6am-11am and 4pm-9pm. These are fully coached sessions with our experienced trainers. All your sessions can be booked through the booking app. 


How long are training sessions?

Training sessions start on the hour and last 55 minutes.

Do I need to be fit before I start?

No. We do a phone consultation and an introduction session with every person before they start to ensure you start the program at your current level. The program is adapted to suit each individual.


What kind of nutrition support do you offer?

It is up to you how much you want to focus on nutrition. We have a dedicated coach who will guide you through your nutrition as you need it. 

What if I have an injury?

We do a phone consultation and an introduction session with every person before they start to ensure any injuries are recorded. The program is adapted to suit each individual including injuries that need to be improved or conditions that need to met. Alternative exercises are given by the coaches as required. We have many members that get different exercises due to injuries. This is a normal part of the coaching process for us. 

To discover how we can help you get your fitness and motivation levels back click on the button to speak to one of our team members